Trends in Wedding Photography

Trends in Wedding Photography

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Wedding trends vanishes in no time and new trends pop-up. Every to-be-married couple takes keen interest in incorporating those new trends to make their big day colourful and lasting. These trends are actually the creator of memories on your wedding day. But they should not be out-fashioned when your child get married. Those photos, videos and moments be fresh each time you peep into that day. Wedding photoshoot in Cochin always go with the latest trends and technologies in photography. Here are some trends in wedding photography that needs to be embraced:

Pre Wedding Shoots

In this age of instagram weddings are all about photographs. Pre-wedding photo shoots are the best way to epic the essence of the couple to its fullest. To get perfect live shots of your loving moments dig into your interests as a couple and absorb them into your shoot. To suit you the best as couple look for some ideas to capture wonderful images. One among them is Miniature photoshoots that are new to the town. Turn into the mini you, they look super cute and crazy that makes your pre wedding album unique. Professional Wedding photographers in Ernakulam are sure to add this goofy and exclusive pre wedding photographs if you are into it.

Stop Motion Wedding Photo and Film

Stop motion photography is taking still photos and animating them, generally in a video set to your choice of music. It may need a quick set of 10 to 20 images and put them altogether on a wedding album page, and result will be pretty cool. Also stop motion film is a fantastic substitute toa wedding video plus a rare and contempo way of absorbing your wedding day. A series of images are edited and animated in a stop motion film to display the story of your day, all set to an abreast soundtrack. Effectively, it is like a music video of your big day, that covers the ceremony, preparations, location, and the wedding reception in brief.

Backlit Photos

The creativity of backlit photos are unlimited, that involves the photographer, his knowledge of using Off Camera Flash, the settings of his camera and the client working along with him to capture the perfect shot. And if the backlight is natural, like the glare from the sun, the photo would be outstanding. Go for light soaking photoshoot at outdoor for skilful, magnificent and exquisite photographs that can depict the gorgeous and romantic photographs of the day relying on mother nature.

After Day Shots

Wedding days are super tiresome and busy where the photographers run behind every detail of the wedding for unique photographs. A new trend in wedding photoshoot is to capture the relaxed couple away from the crowd and ceremony location to absorb the complete happiness and love within them right after getting married. These are ideal to be captured outdoor, in your garden or loan to get the perfect shot of calm, laze, tender newly-wed couples.

Smoke Bomb Shots

Smoke Bomb?! Yes! Smoke bomb is the new trend today that adds magical brush to your wedding. Those small sticks that emit colour to the frame is sure to take the photograph to the next level. Smoke bombs are available in plenty of colours that they brings dreamlike effect to your wedding portrait.

For those who really need to hold on to their wedding moments and keep it fresh while flickering through your album, these trends are super powerful. Absorb all the cheers, glow, joy, love, and beauty of your big day that don’t fade with time into your wedding album. We, as one among the top 10 wedding photographers in Ernakulam can incorporate all these trends and colours to your wedding day photoshoot.

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