About Us

We are Blupix Photography

Great that you are here!

We are photographers with a passion for weddings. Photography means more to us that “just” creating a beautiful work. It is always a great experience when we are allowed to accompany people with our cameras at such important moments. Our job is to make your most precious moments immortal and timeless. It took us a long time to build our team – every individual member of our team brings something incredible to the table! We work hard to constantly improve our work – feel free to ask us a thousand questions.

We come from Kerala and are open to any journey and accompany you everywhere in India!

Ask us for our special rates and discounts during the festive season!


I’m a photographer and have been shooting professionally full time for about 15 years. I’ve photographed a lot of weddings, traveled to seriously beautiful places, and met some amazing people. Photography is how I communicate best, and I can’t think of a better job than the one I have now – I truly love what I do.


I am a videographer with heart and soul!. Experiencing new adventure together with the coupls is what I’m passionate about! My passion drives me to seek new ways to grow in my art. When you love what you do, every moment is fun and I makes sure you’re having fun with me.

Are you looking for real talent for your big day ?. Our team is capturing beautiful, whole-hearted love stories.